For Girls Only!

DID you know!

-kissing is healthy -bananas are good for cramps -it is good to cry - chicken soup acualy makes you feel better - 94% of boys would love it if you sent them flowers! - lying is acually UNHEALTHY! - Only apply Mascara to your top eyelashes - its acualy true, boys DO insult you when they like you - it is impossible to apply mascara with your mouth closed(if you arnt thinking about it) - 89% of guys want YOU to make the first move! - Chocolate REALLY makes you feel better -  most guys think its cute when you say the wrong thing - A good friend Never Judges - a good foundation will hide hickeys (not that you have any...) - boys ARE NOT worth your tears - AND FINALLY! - we all truely love suprises!!!


17 signes you like someone!!!

Seventeen-you look at their Myspace Profile CONSTANTLY      -Sixteen- when you hang up the phone after talking to that 'someone' you get sad    -Fifteen-you read their texts and IM'S Over and Over and Over and Over again   -Fourteen- you walk reeaalllyyy slow when your with them    -Thirteen-you feel shy when they are around    -Eleven-when you think about them your heart beats faster     -Ten-you smile when you hear their voice     -Nine-Whenever your with them you only see them, never anyone around but them!     -Eight- you start to think of slow songs when you think of them       -Seven-you think about them alllll the time      -Six- you could get high off of their sent alone              -Five- you relise you always smile when you are around them!  -Four-you would do anything to see them   -Three-  while reading this you were thinking of ONE particular person   -Two- you were soo busy thinking of them you did not notice #12 was missing   -One-you just scrolled up to check and now are giggleing to yourself!


5 ways to tell your distracted.

1) you woke up this morning and asked yourself, okay, what is my FIRST NAME                                                                           2) your Science teacher gave you a 2% on your quiz, the comment she gave you was "nice work, next time, save the history or the sovite union for social"                                                                                  

3) halfway through math you shout out BOB!                                                                                                                                       

4) Alians are gonna eat your brains

5) you are SOOO distracted  you have no idea what # 4 said.